Thatch Roof Wellington

The Thatchscapes team is currently busy with their third thatched roof installation in Onverwacht Estate in Wellington. Our qualified and highly experienced carpenters deliver the highest standard of workmanship and they are using Boron clear treated timber poles to complete the project. We always recommend that Boron treated poles are not inserted into the ground. It should rather be installed on top of walls and pillars; whereas Tanolite (CCA) treated poles can be used in ground contact. We have certainly become know as the Thatch Roof Wellington experts.

We work very closely with architects to ensure that we deliver practical structural solutions for our clients.  Our engineers have numerous years of experience in developing interior roof designs that not only create a warm and unique atmosphere, but that’s also structurally sturdy and concrete.

Thatchscapes is specialised in building new thatch roofs with exceptional repairs and the restoration of old thatch roofs that increase their longevity and appearance. We only use good quality, thoroughly selected SABS-authorized bitumen thatch or galvanized steel wire. Our trained technicians complete this maintenance service and the final result is still fulfilled with our customers.

Make sure you contact us anytime you need to re-think your thatch roof or a new thatch frame. On completion of a thatch roof construction, we are pleased to provide you with quality thatch roofs that are assured for 2 years. We would gladly increase the warranty for another three years if we are appointed to work the roof within 24 months of the implementation date.

We go above and beyond for our customers in our business. Whether we have to travel away to complete a project or to satisfy the particular needs of our consumers, we are one-stop away from delivering anything they require.

We use only the best products

No location is too far for us, and no project is too big. We enjoy what we do and, even if it means moving beyond borders, we will still reach never before seen heights for our customers. Our many years of professional experience helps us to finish all projects within the time frame.

Thatchscapes uses the best quality products and our dedication to customer care will always remain our primary priority, locally and globally. Our projects always go well, so look through our website for further details as we conclude our awesome projects.

Our customers from all over are completely pleased by our team’s total repair. Contact us, even if you have some issues with the leaking of an old thatch roof, we will provide the support that you need.

Rethatching Cape Town

We continue to include competent reroofing projects to ensure that appropriate filtering is introduced to stop future leaks. During the rainy seasons of the year, our clients often call us to let us know that the sealing has been a major achievement and there has been no further water leakage.

We ensure also, where necessary, that the roof nooks are painted, which gives the building a magnificent terracotta-coloured finish that satisfies our customers. We are happy to give our clients the right approach and service, which is always humbling to get really good feedback after any project is complete.

In our business we agree: every work needs the recognition it receives no matter how big or small the project may be. We focus on offering outstanding and professional service whilst trying to stay within the time limits necessary.

We’re not only focused on massive projects, whether restoring existing roofs or buildings be it large or tiny. So if you have a chaffed roof that needs a bit of TLC, please contact us for your roof repair or re-roofing at excellent rates.