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Spark arrestor now required by most insurers

Spark Arrestor

Did you know that most insurance companies now require that a spark arrestor is installed in your chimney if it’s located in or around your thatched roof?

Spark arrestors are fitted in chimneys to prevent floating coals from a fire setting light to a flammable thatched roof surface. Making sure that your chimney system on your thatched roof is equipped with a spark arrestor is essential in the protection of your home.

As South Africa’s only specialist thatch insurer, Thatchscapes is able to offer significantly lower base rates and further automatic discounts for built-in risk reduction measures such as spark arrestors. Thatchscapes is up to date with the latest safety regulations when it comes to thatched roofs and we pride ourselves on only providing the best service for our clients. Get in touch with us today for more information about the installation of spark arrestors

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